How to Prevent Tire Rub | Car Tips

Prevent Tire Rub


“Tire rub” occurs when you fail to leave enough clearance between the wheel wells. If there is not the proper amount of clearance, your tires will bash into the wheel well every time you go over a bump. Here some tips below to avoid tire rub.


Before you purchase new tires, it’s important to find out information about the clearance of your vehicle. Tire rub can destroy expensive tires so it’s important to make sure you pick out the proper tires when buying a net set.


Another important thing you need to know is the height of the tires you’re purchasing. You can do this by looking at the tire size information of your vehicle, which is located on the actual tire. If you know both the height of the tire and the clearance measurements, you can be sure to avoid tire rub.


When you determine the proper measurements, make sure that your vehicle is on a flat surface with no cargo in it. Make sure to measure all four tires to make sure there is no discrepancy between them. Once you’ve collected this information, you’re set to purchase your new tires and avoid tire rub simultaneously.


Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger