How to Properly Wash Your Vehicle | Car Tips

How to wash your vehicle
While many people know the basics of how to wash their car, there are many hidden tracks that will make your washing routine more effective and will preserve the life of your vehicle. Proper washing can help to prevent damage to the exterior and will give your car a newer look for a longer amount of time.
It’s important to park your car out of direct sunlight when you wash it. The sun can cause premature drying which leaves splotches on the paint.
You should hose off the car first before washing it to help soften the dirt. This will make the wash easier and more effective.
After you’ve completed one section of washing, hose it down as soon as possible. You don’t want the soap to settle and stain the paint.
Although it’s popular, you should never wash your vehicle with dish soap. It will strip off the wax which prevents the sun from deteriorating the paint.
Finally, remember to dry the vehicle with fresh towels. You just spent all this time getting the dirt off your vehicle so it’s foolish to allow it to get back on.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger