How to Replace your Damaged License Plate

Replacing Damaged License Plate
While it may seem like a pain in the butt, replacing a lost, stolen or damaged licensed plate is actually quite easy.  In every case, you’ll just need to bring the plates and proper documentation with you to your nearest ServiceOntario Centre, and you should be able to get a new one in no time.
Here’s everything you’ll need to know about getting your plates replaced:
What to bring
In almost every scenario, you’ll need to bring the same items with you when you go in to your plates replaced. Make sure to have your ID, vehicle permit, valid insurance and the other plates with you when you go to a ServiceOntario centre.
In each case, you’ll need to pay $40 to get a new one, whether it’s lost, stolen or it just damaged. If it’s the third option, make sure to also bring the damaged plate with you when you go.
Note: you will incur an additional charge if you don’t have your vehicle permit with you, so it’s important that you don’t forget it. If you’ve misplaced it for whatever reason, you can get a new one while you’re at the ServiceOntario centre.
Personalized Plates
Replacing personalized plates is often more rigorous.  Before getting a new set of personalized plates, you’ll first need to get a set of interim plates to use in the meantime. Fortunately, you won’t have to pay for these.
When your personalized plates eventually come (it usually takes about six months) you’ll need to bring your interim plates with you to the ServiceOntario office. There, you’ll need to complete and sign the required documentation, and pay the specified fee for the new plates (either $53.90 for a graphic plate or $99.10 for a personalized license plate).
Peeling or bubbling
Even if one of your plates is just peeling or bubbling, you’ll still need to take them in to be replaced (this means replacing both plates, not just one).  Like before, you’ll need to bring proper identification, valid insurance, and the vehicle permit with you (along with both plates).
Luckily for you, you may be able to get the cost of the new plates covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. If your plates begin bubbling within five years of getting them, you won’t have to pay a penny to have them replaced. Otherwise, you’ll need to pay for the new ones out of your own pocket.
Replace them as soon as possible
While it may not seem like big deal, getting caught driving with either damaged or missing plates can cost you a fine of $110. That may not seem like a lot, but definitely it’s worse than taking a few minutes to stop by your nearest ServiceOntario centre and forking over $40.