How to Theft Proof Your Vehicle

How to Theft Proof Your Vehicle
While it is impossible to ensure your vehicle remains untouched when you’re gone, there are ways to help prevent having your car stolen.
Thieves often look for quick, easy ways to steal your car. The easiest way to scare off a thief is to lock your door, have all your windows rolled up and have your keys with you. They’ll likely avoid your vehicle if they see that it’ll be difficult to steal.
If your vehicle doesn’t already come with a car alarm you can have one installed. To ensure that the thieves don’t disable the device you should install a hood lock with the alarm.
There are various locking mechanisms you can purchase that will greatly reduce the chance of a thief driving off with your car. Gearshift locks prevent the transmission from working while ignition kill switches and fuel switches make it impossible to drive the vehicle when they’re activated.
Finally, you should always park your car in a garage or in a well-lit place. Your vehicle is far less likely to be targeted if it’s not standing out.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger