Hybrid Vehicle Performance in Cold Weather

Kia Hybrid Performance Cold Weather
Hybrid Vehicle Performance – One of the critiques of hybrid vehicles is that they perform poorly in cold weather. Many people believe their fuel efficiency suffers significantly in the winter and they are unsafe to drive because they’re too light and can’t grip the road properly.
In the winter, the cold temperature causes the gasoline in your car to thicken, so your fuel efficiency goes down. Hybrid vehicles don’t have their engines in constant use, so it takes even longer for them to heat up so their fuel economy will suffer a bit more. Although your vehicle will be less fuel efficient, it’s not a huge amount and you will still be saving a lot of money on gas.
Another common opinion of hybrid vehicles is that they’re unsafe to drive in icy conditions. However, it really depends on what type of hybrid you own. There are SUV’s available with all-wheel drive and even hybrid sedans have front wheel drive (which is safe than rear wheel drive). If you’re still nervous about driving in poor conditions, you should get snow tires for your hybrid vehicle. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be safe in the winter driving your hybrid vehicle if you make sure to make the proper adjustments.
Therefore, although you will lose fuel efficiency in the winter with your vehicle, so will non-hybrid cars so you will still be saving a significant amount of money on fuel. As well, if you make sure you have snow tires and you drive carefully in the winter, you should have no problem being safe in your hybrid vehicle.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger