Hybrid vs. Electric Vehicles

Hybrid vs. Electric Vehicles
When choosing between purchasing a hybrid or an electric vehicle, it’s important to note the advantages and disadvantages for both.
If the environment is your number one concern when buying a vehicle, then an electric car is the most suitable choice. Electric vehicles do not use any fuel at all, making them an easy pick for environmentally-conscious consumers. Also, they are great for short trips and city driving as they are almost silent when they are in motion.
Hybrid vehicles on the other hand, are much more practical. While they do use fuel, they can last much longer on a commute as a result. In general, they offer better performance and are often more stylish than electric cars. In addition, plug-in hybrid models run on electric power for the beginning of the trip, so you can still reap some of the benefits of driving an electric vehicle when you buy a hybrid.
If the environment is your main concern, then there’s no question that an electric vehicle is the right car for you. However, if you want a vehicle that will save you money on fuel, but is still stylish and performs well, then a plug-in hybrid car would be the superior option.