How to Improve Car Handling

How to Improve Car Handling
With winter at hand, you’ll likely find it more and more difficult to properly handle your car as the roads worsen. While some cars are naturally better equipped at handling than others, everyone can find ways of improving vehicle control no matter what make or model they have.
Generally speaking, the more up-to-date safety features your vehicle has the better. Electronic stability control (ESC) and traction control are two systems that are designed specifically for improving your car’s handling. Both units have built-in computer systems that notify your car when something goes wrong.
ESC activates once your vehicle starts to lose control. It’s particularly useful in the winter, should you start to skid on an icy road.
Traction control gives you the ability to accelerate quickly on slippery roads. If one wheel is spinning too quickly, the system will kick in to either reduce power to that tire, or allow it to brake entirely.
No matter how well your car was built, if you continually drive over uneven terrain, potholes and even curbs, your vehicle will become misaligned over time.
If you notice that your car drifts to one side, you should take it in for a realignment. Driving on snow and ice can be dangerous enough with a well aligned vehicle, so there’s no reason to take on more risk unnecessarily.
This one is likely the most obvious, but also maybe the most important. If you haven’t already made the switch to winter tires, consider it strongly.
Holding out for a good sale may save you a few bucks, but it’s really flawed logic. The whole reason you’re willing to spend on winter tires is to protect you from a potentiall accidents. If you’re already prepared to buy tires for this reason, you should purchase at the beginning of the season to minimize risk.
Even if you do get snow tires, that doesn’t come with an automatic safety checkmark on your dashboard. If the tires are older, ensure they still have proper tread, to enhance the amount of available traction.
Drive Safely
Just because you’ve made some modifications to your vehicle doesn’t mean you’re not subject to physics of winter driving. It’s still important that you slow down on unplowed roads and avoid any quick movements or turns.
Stay safe York Region.