Why invest in a dashboard camera?

Why invest in a dashboard camera?
One of the more beneficial auto devices on the market today is the dashboard camera. Dash cams have already come a long way from just a few years ago, making them one of the most useful tools you’ll use on a day-to-day basis.
Below are just some of the many reasons why you should consider investing in a dash cam:
Enhance your vacation experience
If you’re about to embark on a long road trip, you may want to document all the beautiful scenery you’re bound to come across. With a dashboard camera, you’ll be able to record and relive some of your greatest vacation memories.
Prove you’re not at fault
The aftermath of a car accident can become one of the most frustrating experiences a driver can go through.  Even if you know you’re not at fault, it may still be quite difficult to prove to your insurance company that you weren’t actually responsible.
With a dashboard camera, you can provide video evidence to the company, possibly helping to expedite the claim.
You can also use your dash cam to potentially get out of a ticket. If you were stopped for a violation you didn’t actually commit, you might use the cam to provide video evidence to a judge. Even better, you may be able to show the footage to an officer before they even write the ticket.
Become a better driver
If you’re curious to see how good of a driver you really are, you can use the camera to review footage and determine where and when you’re making mistakes. Not only will this help protect you behind the wheel, but it can also improve your insurance rates.
Monitor your children’s driving
If you’re at all concerned with your children’s driving, you won’t have to worry anymore.
Whenever one of your kids goes out, you can whip out the dash cam to see just how careful of a driver they are. With a two-way camera, you can also see how well they behave with their friends inside the vehicle.
One of the coolest things about dash cams is that they can be operated remotely, so you can view footage from the comfort of your own home. The camera can be programmed to constantly send data to your computer or mobile device, so you can know exactly when something has gone wrong.
Monitor your parked car
Even when your engine is off, you can still program your dash cam to run while you’re away. If someone breaks into your car or hits it while you’re not there, you’ll have footage at your disposal to potentially find the culprit.
If you leave your car in a parking lot during working hours, you may be able to catch the next driver who dings your car then subsequently drives off.
Use as a GPS
Some of the fancier cameras come equipped with a GPS, so you won’t have to carry multiple devices to get from point A to B.