Items Parents should keep in their Vehicle

Items Parents should keep in their Vehicle
With sports and other after-school activities, your kids are sometimes in your vehicle more than they are in your own house. Therefore, it’s important to be prepared for when they are hungry, spill something or for other roadside emergencies.
You should always have extra bags lying around where your kids can throw their trash in like wrappers and napkins. This will keep your vehicle tidy and can even be used as a barf bag if one of your kids is feeling sick.
Keep snacks like crackers, nuts and or other items that don’t need to be refrigerated and are still good no matter what the temperature is outside. Hungry children can often become distracting for the driver so you’ll be helping everyone out by making sure they are fed.
You should also keep things such as Band-Aids and diapers in case of an emergency. A change of clothes is also something you should have on you in case they spill something or end up wetting themselves. In this case, it’s probably a good idea to have baby wipes and paper towels with you as well to help clean up the mess.
Patrick Britton