Meet Our Team – Kayla Davidson


Name:  Kayla Davidson

Position at NewRoads:  I have been working on the reception team for the past 10 months & I was recently promoted the the Sales team!

How long have you worked for NewRoads: 1 year

What's something unique we should know about you?

I worked in daycare for 12 years until i decided on a career change and started with newroads.

If you could switch roles for a day with anyone in the company, who would it be?

Management, to see how a typical day is for them and how much employees don't see that is done behind the scenes.​

What's your favourite part about working at NewRoads?

I enjoy the family atmosphere at work every day.  It's like having a family away from home and it makes coming into work exciting and enjoyable.

If you could witness any historical event, what would you pick?

Being in the stands when the Raptors won the NBA Finals.

If you could dine with three people in the world (dead or alive) who would they be?

  • Paul Walker
  • Ellen Pompeo
  • Charlie Hunnam

Do you have a favourite quotation?

"Remember that no matter how cool you think you may be, you're not cool enough to look down on anyone... ever!"

What is your favourite food?

Steak tacos.