Key Chain = Danger, while driving

Key Chain danger driving info
Real life-talk here for a second.
Like most of you I have not reached the push-to-start Key-less part of the car world and I am still working with the traditional key in the ignition deal. Scary to find out that my key chain could be putting me in danger! Thanks to the wise men of our service department at NewRoads I was set on the straight and narrow to safety via a key chain adjustment (who knew!)
Here is what you do, take your car key and hold it horizontally with your thumb and pointer finger. Now if you can’t hold it with out it slipping to point vertically you have to make some changes. Think about it this way, that is how your key sits in your cars ignition. With all of that heavy weight hanging on your key you have a greater chance of it wiggling and sliding out of your ignition. This thought never occurred of me, I thought of my key chain as just another accessory for me to dazzle up. But imagine that happened to you as you were driving down the highway at 100 km/h, that is just an accident waiting to happen if you know what I mean.
So lets take a note from our incredibly wise service guys and minimize those key chains!