Knowing Your Dashboard Warning Lights

Knowing Your Dashboard Warning Lights
Almost all drivers know it’s a bad sign when a warning light comes on their dashboard, but very few understand what they all mean. Read head to learn what all of the common warning lights mean and what you should do to ensure your safety as well as your vehicle’s well-being.
If a warning light does come on, a general rule of thumb is to pull over and check your vehicle’s handbook to help diagnose the problem.
If your battery warning light either stays on when you’re driving or never illuminated when you turned the ignition on, there is a problem with your charging system. If this happens you should pull-over and call for help.
If your engine light remains on when you’re driving, there is a problem with the system and needs to be dealt with right away. This is not something you want to ignore, as it can grow into a much bigger problem if you let it linger.
With new safety features becoming more standard in vehicles today, dashboards are becoming more complicated to read. If you see your warning light go on for electronic stability control, power steering or anti-lock brakes, you should make sure you have your car checked immediately.