Low-Rolling Resistance Tires

Low-Rolling Resistance Tires
Tires play a large role in the fuel economy of your vehicle. Originally just seen in hybrid vehicle, low-rolling resistance tires are now being seen in many mainstream cars. Read ahead to learn the advantages and disadvantages of low-rolling resistance tires.

 What are low-rolling resistance tires?

One of the biggest reasons low-rolling resistance tires help save money on gas is through the internal friction of the tire. Normal tires will expend a considerable amount of energy when they roll, generating a lot of heat and wasted energy. Since low-rolling tires are much more efficient, they don’t cause you to burn as much fuel and as a result you save on gas.
Although low-rolling resistance tires help with fuel economy and are more environmentally-friendly, there are some disadvantages with them. Maybe the biggest issue is with safety.
Since there is less friction, there is also less grip as a result. Since you cannot grip the road as well, the chances of rolling over or getting into an accident increase. This can be especially dangerous in icy weather or in the rain so take into consideration that saving money isn’t everything when looking for the right tire.