Mazda at Jalopnik Film Festival

Japonik Film Festival logo
Though it seems like TIFF just ended, there was another Film Festival that made headlines in the Automotive world recently. The 3rd annual Jalopnik Film Festival sponsored by Mazda kicked off September 25th, featuring films all about cars. This years winner was “Building Your Dream Ferrari is a Beautiful Thing” by Petrolicious.

Jalopnik Editor-in Chief said: “There’s a reason why this is the second year in a row a Petrolicious video was featured at the festival, and it’s that they’ve elevated the short car feature in such a way that they’ve set the standard for everyone else,” when talking about this years winning film. The film documents the process and story as Peter Giacobbu rebuilds an incredible 1959 Ferrari 250 TR.
Jalopnik Film Festival theatre
Jalopnik Film Festival Ferrari
As the title sponsor of this event, Mazda held a ride & drive event featuring the new MX-5 that was released earlier this summer. The point of the festival is to celebrate the significance of automotive topics on film. Along with their short film contest the festival also screened classic films like the original Mad Max, Ronin, and documentaries like Being Evel, Steve McQueen: The Man and Le Mans as well as Havana Motor Club.