Mazda Journey Island at Tomorrowland

For those of you who are not familiar with Tomorrowland, it is the worlds biggest dance music festival. Known for its insanely creative main stage, eccentric design and fairy tale aesthetics its sort of a big deal in the music world. Held in Belgium, Tomorroland is a surreal other-world experience that has grown into a global phenomenon. With 180,000 attendees from 75 different countries, 12 stages, and 400 djs Tomorrowland is an event unlike any other.
Mazda Join the Journey photos
Mazda jumped on this opportunity and entered into a partnership with the festival joining the journey of a lifetime. Mazda sponsored one of the stages called Journey Island this year that held 32 performers over the course of the weekend. It is no surprise to see Mazda attached to this kind of event. With their history of involvement in forward trending events they seem to be well aliened in the tech world. Proving that Mazda is right where it belongs!
Mazda Join the Journey