Introducing Mazda Kizuna here at NewRoads

Mazda Kizuna in Newmarket, Ontario
As you’ve all heard by now, we’re starting to roll out the Kizuna program, which rewards our long-time loyal customers for being dedicated to the Mazda brand. In Japanese, Kizuna means ‘Special Bond’ which these customers have shown us that they have with their cars, and hopefully with your dealerships.
At NewRoads Mazda in Newmarket, Ontario, the Kizuna program is already brightening some customer’s lives. Lisa and Jim Freemantle, long-time Mazda owners, came in to the dealership to have the program explained and to receive their first gifts.
Here’s an explanation of how it went, from Wayne Connor, General Manager. “This event went extremely well, as it turns out Lisa has never driven anything in her life except a Mazda. Her very first of 7 Mazda’s was a 1974 Mazda when she was 16 years old. Since then, she has owned 6 more Mazdas, 4 of which she has purchased here at this location, her last one just this past February. Add to that, the fact that her husband has also purchased 3 brand new Mazdas from this location, fair to say they are confirmed Mazda loyalists.
In addition to the Mazda gifts, NewRoads Mazda has given Lisa and Jim Freemantle a lifetime 10% discount on all Parts and Service as well as a lifetime $500 vehicle discount on all future vehicle purchases over and above any factory incentives.
We also added to the gifts with two expandable storage bags, a Mazda coffee cup, and Mazda thermos.
To say they were thrilled, is an understatement, I thought Lisa was going to cry.” This is a fantastic example of rewarding loyalty, and every dealer now has an opportunity to create the same exciting experience for their Kizuna customers.