A McHappy First Day!

McHappy Day Newmarket photo
Getting offered a summer employment position with the NewRoads Automotive Group was exciting, but I didn’t quite know what to expect. After an official interview and follow up email offering me the position, my next step was to meet with Kelly. Nervous and excited I met with her at NewRoads Mazda and immediately I was familiarized with the “community feel” of the NewRoads team.
By “community feel” I’m not only referring to the friendly employees who eased my step into the company by their warming smiles and outgoing introductions. Community feel also refers to what Kelly had planned for my first day. McHappy Day!
McHappy Day
My official start day would be May 4th and instead of meeting in the office, Kelly told me to meet her at the closest McDonalds around 12 pm or in other words… prime time for the McDonalds lunch rush.
I had previously heard of McHappy day, but had never volunteered or participated in the event. This time was my first, and will not be my last.
Together Kelly and I wore bright yellow McDonalds aprons and approached cars entering the drive through. We carried a McDonalds gift basket with little McDonalds branded items such as socks, pins and pencils.
McHappy Day Newmarket
Drivers Mc-Happily rolled down their windows and we introduced each customer to McHappy Day, which raises money for children in need across Canada. The majority of drivers purchased our little gifts or intentionally bought a Big Mac, Happy Meal or McCafe beverage, as one dollar was donated to the Ronald McDonald house for each item.
In total, the charity event raised approx. $5 million dollars, while also drawing attention to children suffering across Canada. Some drivers knew about the event and were purposely purchasing their lunch from McDonalds and those that were just learning about McHappy Day were keen to contribute.
My first day experience working with NewRoads was not just unexpected but also enlightening. It felt so nice volunteering for a good charity and I loved the way my “job” as a NewRoad employee was to help out the community in such a hands on way.
– Julia
McHappy Day Newmarket