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Mistakes Parents Make with Car Seats



While many parents think that simply putting their children in car seats is a safe and easy task, many make mistakes that put their child in serious danger. Make sure that you’re not making any mistakes by looking at the proper ways of securing your child below.


Many parents make the mistake of turning their child forward too early. Since they prefer to see their child in their rear view mirror when they drive, they don’t wait until the child turns two before they let them face traffic. The reason this is so important is because rear-seat seating does a better job in supporting a child’s head in spine in the event of a crash.


The straps of the seat must be tight as loose straps can propel the child out of the car seat. The position of the straps are also important. They should be below the shoulders for rear facing and above the shoulders for forward facing seats.


Finally, do not add things to your car seat such head or neck support. Since these products were never tested, you don’t know how they will fair in an accident. The seats are specifically designed so make sure you don’t go adding extra products to your child’s seat.


Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger