How much traction do you need? | Car Tips

Car Traction Tips
Many Canadians wonder how much traction is really necessary for their vehicle. This article will explore how much traction you need for your vehicle and what will keep you safest behind the wheel during the cold winter months.
Most vehicles use two-wheel drive where the power is either distributed to the front or rear tires. Two-wheel drive is advantageous as it allows for more room for cargo and passengers. However, two-wheel drive is not as safe in the winter, especially if neither drive wheel has grip.
All-wheel drive is better in the winter because it fuels power to all four wheels. It’s especially good in uneven terrain or on snowy roads. Drivers can feel much more comfortable behind the wheel with AWD as there is a smaller chance that you will spin out of control when driving on a slippery surface.
It’s important to note that all-wheel drive isn’t necessarily the best for everyone. Residents of warmer climates would actually prefer to use two-wheel drive since it works perfectly fine in the rain and AWD may be too much. However, for Canadian residents who experience harsh winters, all-wheel drive is the safer option and consumers should strongly consider looking for it when purchasing a vehicle.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger