My New 2012 Kia Optima EX Luxury Review (Part 2)

Kia Optima First Tank Fuel Economy
Continuing on from Part one of my new Kia Optima EX blog… First off, the Bluetooth issue I thought I was having was just an impatient user error.  Sometimes it takes up to 45 seconds or so before the car and the iPhone pair up…
After my first tank of gas I got 750 km’s, the computer calculated that I still had 65 km’s to go before it was empty with an average fuel economy of 8.0L/100km.
I filled the tank again and squeezed in 63.041 Liters of regular gas.  If I do the math 64.041/750.8 x 100 = 8.5L/100km.  I’m still extremely happy considering that is my first full tank of gas.  Even if I babied the Audi All-Road I would be lucky to be at 10L/100km and that was with premium gasoline.
So for this tank of gas I’m going to leave the ECO mode off and see what results I get.  After a short drive from the gas station to my office I really noticed how the Kia Optima EX  feels like it wants just take off.  It should be a lot more fun to drive, and I will report on the fuel economy results shortly.
Anthony Gilpin – new owner of a 2012 Kia Optima EX Luxury
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