myChevrolet App

myChevrolet App
If you’re the owner of a Chevrolet vehicle with an OnStar subscription, then you should consider downloading the myChevrolet app for Apple and Android devices. You’ll be able to connect with your vehicle like never before with features that include OnStar connectivity, finding your parking spot and even unlocking your car right from your phone.
The app is divided into three main categories:  Location-based services, OnStar connectivity and vehicle specific information.
The location-based features allow you to save your parking spot, tell you how much time is left on your meter and even show you the closest Chevrolet dealership if you return to your vehicle and there’s a problem with it.
The OnStar connectivity feature allows you to unlock and lock your vehicle and even start the engine. You can also get information about the vehicle like fuel tank level or tire pressure.
The vehicle specific information component allows you to connect to your owner’s manual by scanning your vehicle identification number with your phone.
myChevrolet will help to reduce the stress about caring for your vehicle and also makes shopping and running errands much more convenient. Considering you can download myChevrolet for free, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t have this app on your smart-phone.