Myths about Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance Myths
Chances are you’ve probably heard quite a few stories when it comes to car insurance. While some things will have an effect on your quote, others will not, so it’s important to separate the myths from facts before shopping for automobile insurance.
Many people believe that if they get into an accident, their insurance will automatically increase. Your quote will only be higher if it’s proven that you caused the accident. If someone blindsides you, you will not have to worry about an increased rate.
A popular myth is that red cars are more expensive to insure than any other colour. The colour alone will have no bearing on your quote.
Another fear is that a large number of parking tickets can cause your rate to increase. While it will cost you a lot of money to pay those off, they will not have an effect on your insurance rate.
Finally, many young drivers feel they shouldn’t bother shopping around for car insurance since they will have a high rate regardless. While it is true that drivers 25 and over have cheaper rates, it’s still in ones’ best interest to look around to see what the best deal is.