Why You Need Electronic Stability Control ESC

Electronic Stability Control ESC
One safety feature that is becoming increasingly popular for newer vehicles is electronic stability control (ESC). If you’re looking to purchase a car and live in a colder climate, then it would be very wise to ensure your vehicle has ESC in it.
ESC works to ensure you don’t understeer with a front wheel drive car or over steer with a rear wheel drive vehicle. This is very important in the winter when the roads are icy and make turning more difficult. ESC can anticipate when your car is losing traction and reduce the throttle to help ensure you don’t spin out control.
It is important to note that electronic stability control is different than traction control. While traction control applies the brakes when your vehicle begins to slip, ESC reacts much earlier and is able to reduce the traction in all four tires. As a result, ESC is more effective at reducing slippage.
Some luxury vehicles already come equipped with ESC, but you can purchase it as an add-on if your car doesn’t come with it. Considering how useful it is, it would be a wise decision to add it the next time you purchase a vehicle.