The New 404 Keswick Highway Extension

404 Keswick Highway Extension
After a long delay, the 404 Keswick Highway Extension is finally set to open this month. This is great news for the residents of nearby towns such as Georgina and Sutton who make the daily trek to Toronto every day for their commute. After poor soil slowed down the opening date by more than two years, many commuters cannot wait for the new extension to become available.
The new highway covers a stretch of 13 kilometres and will give commuters plenty of room with four lanes available. Instead of spending their mornings trying to get to Newmarket before arriving on the highway, Northern residents will be able to get on the 404 right near their homes. The new extension will allow these individuals to get to work both quicker and more conveniently.
The extension will also help strengthen the Newmarket economy and surrounding areas as nearby businesses become more accessible for everyone. Small town businesses will see an increase in the number of customers and the community will grow as a result. Finally, man new home buyers will be looking to move to towns north of Newmarket because of the convenience and accessibility.