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Awesome Foundation Newmarket Commons Cafe and Catering
Congratulations to Commons Café & Catering on receiving an Awesome Grant of $ 1000. The project enables people with disabilities to showcase their abilities and gifts to the local community. Commons Cafe & Catering has a booth/tent at the Newmarket Farmers Market where they se
Got an AWESOME Idea? We May Have $1,000 for You!
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The Newmarket Awesome Foundation is a new group looking to provide hassle-free grants to those with ideas to make Newmaket a more prosperous community.  The foundation is not a charity, it’s an informal group providing money to make good things happen in Newmarket. If you, or a group you’re a member of, have an idea that promotes education, employment or community involvement for those under 30 years of age in Newmarket, the Newmarket Awesome Foundation wants to hear about it! We are constantly accepting idea submissions from people of any age and with a variety of ideas. Each month $1,000 will be awarded, no strings attached, to make one of these ideas a reality. No idea is too small and ideas that promote fun are as important as those that are more serious. As long as the idea promotes prosperity for our youth through community involvement, education.
Kelly Broome-Plumley, Customer Relations Manager
The NewRoads Automotive Group