NewRoads LakeRide – Fueling your Wheels in Motion

NewRoads LakeRide
With the upcoming NewRoads LakeRide on Sunday, May 29th lead by national cycling champion Ed Veal, it is time to start planning for maximum cycling success. This begins with fueling your wheels in motion.
Before the ride:
Fuel yourself before your excursion begins. Whether it is a light snack or a full breakfast, it’s important to give your body power before you hit the road.
Ensure your meal has high energy content, as you’ll be burning calories quickly. Foods that will help you last longer should contain protein, fats and complex carbs. Carbs are the primary source of energy, so be sure to have toast, fruits and other sorts of carbohydrates prior to your exercise. Protein and fats are also essential when expending energy, but you don’t want to over do it or they won’t settle well during your ride.
Some good options include: Eggs, nut butters, trail mixes and/or smoothies that incorporate protein through protein powders, nuts, dairy or other sources.
Fuel during the ride:
Snacks consumed while bike riding should be compact (easy to carry) and calorie dense. Expending huge amounts of energy while cycling means that you should fuel yourself with food that will replenish your muscles.
Some good sources are: high protein energy bars, potassium dense bananas and nuts.
NewRoads LakeRide Newmarket
Fuel for your wheels:
Before beginning your adventure, be sure that your bike is in tip-top shape for both safety and convenience. Take a few minutes to do a quick bike inspection, which includes…

  1. Check the air pressure of your tires
  2. Give the brake levers a strong squeeze
  3. Set your saddle to a height where you can just barely place your toes and the balls of your feet on the ground when you sit on the saddle.

When your ride is completed:
Congratulations, it is time to relax and give yourself a pat on the back! Now is the perfect time re-fuel your body with a welcome back BBQ. Whether you’re a casual rider or professional, it’s always fun to track your route to help improve your cycling expertise, or just show off to friends and family. See below for tips on how to track your ride.
Tracking your ride:
After a job well done, it’s always neat to see where your adventure took you. Having a tracking app during your ride can also help if you find yourself a little off track or in other words lost. See below for free IPhone and Android apps that will allow you to track your ride.
Cyclemeter GPS – Cycling Running and Mountain Biking
Strava Running and Cycling – GPS Run and Ride Tracker
Map My Ride – GPS Cycling and Route Tracking
Runmeter GPS Pedometer – Running Cycling Walking Jogging
Runtastic Road Bike GPS Cycling Computer