NewRoads Newbie Hits the Canadian Auto Show!

Canadian International Auto Show
If you’ve ever attended a convention at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre you know what to expect, me on the other hand have never been, thus the Canadian International Auto Show was my first experience. Yes overwhelming would be a word that I would use to first describe my initial feeling, though as I wandered from booth to booth overwhelming quickly turned to amazing, spectacular, innovative and informative! I spent the day taking a look at the latest offerings from Subaru, Kia, Mazda and GM.
Amazingly stunning display, like white one white on white, it was clean crisp and classic. I took some time and explored the Kia Sorento and learned quite a few interesting features with this vehicle. I especially liked the motion sensor details that allow for safety and convenience when driving this model. For example to open the trunk of the Sorento all you have to do is stand beside the car with your key in your pocket! Talk about helpful.
Autoshow - Kia Sorento
Stepping onto Mazda’s turf was like stepping into the future. Being casually greeted by a robot was just the beginning. From their classic red to bright white their MX-5 Miata and 2016 CX-3 spun in front of me practically out of this world.
Autoshow - Mazda3
Now approaching Cadillac I know I was going to be greeted by some classy cars, but honestly I was not expecting the beauty of the Cadillac Elmiraj concept car. From a slick design to some classic wood grain details this car had it all.
Autoshow Cadillac Concept
Innovation is the name of the game with Chevrolet, from the Volt to the Bolt to an engineer building a motor casually on stage they breathed modernism. By the time I reach them I was in desperate need of a recharge, and of course they had a recharge-arena, I kid you not it was a massive set of gallery seating all facing the new Volt. Thus as I was recharging my technology and my self I couldn’t help but listen to all of the smart technologies this car has! Defiantly #NextGen.
Autoshow - Chevrolet
Now I am not a HUGE fan of GMC, as I don’t have a need for a particularly large truck but I gave them a visit. I was pleasantly surprised by their display. A truck was (casually) suspended from the ceiling allowing you to take a stroll underneath and look up at all of its glory, Pretty.Damn.Cool.GMC.
Autoshow - GMC
Another classy set up! Giving away espresso Buick was definitely inviting. Espresso wasn’t the only thing inviting to Buick, they are really spinning their old design on its head and coming out on top with their new fleet.
Autoshow - Buick
Super outdoorsy, Subaru really really made me want to go on a road trip! Their models are made for adventure and activities! New for Subaru this year is their updated infotainment system allowing for a more luxurious interior and a safer exterior.
Autoshow - Subaru
Over all the Canadian International Auto Show is an exciting event that I recommend you attend if you get the chance. Can’t wait for the next!