OnStar RemoteLink App

OnStar RemoteLink App
The OnStar RemoteLink app is available for Apple and Android devices and gives GM owners an incredible level of control and connectivity with their vehicle.  You can find data about your car and perform simple commands just by using your smartphone. RemoteLink will make your life much easier and the best part is that it’s free of charge.
Once you’ve downloaded RemoteLink to your mobile device you’ll need to do a couple things before you can activate it. You must register your vehicle’s VIN number and type in your OnStar username and password so RemoteLink will work with your vehicle. You will not be able to use this app if you do not have an active Onstar account.
* Download the OnStar RemoteLink App here.
There are many cool features included with this app such as activating your horns and lights to help locate your vehicle, locking and unlocking your doors from any distance, starting your vehicle and the ability to contact an OnStar advisor or roadside assistance. RemoteLink also allows you to find useful data about your vehicle like the remaining oil life, real-time fuel info, or your current tire pressure.
RemoteLink is an essential app for OnStar users as it allows you to stay connected with your vehicle no matter where you are.