How to Open a Frozen Car Door

How to Open a Frozen Car Door
Few things can be more frustrating than finding out that your car door is frozen shut when you’re trying to leave for work in the morning. Fortunately, there are a number of quick tricks you can try that could fix your problem in only a few minutes.
Try another door
Before you even begin to worry, you should check all of your car’s doors to see whether any of them will open. If you’re able to get into your vehicle, try pushing on the frozen door from the inside. You’ll have a lot more leverage, and should find it much easier than trying to pull it open from outside.
Use a scraper
If the entire car is covered in ice, it may be in your best interest to bite the bullet and begin scraping away at it. If your scraper is stuck inside your vehicle, you can always use a credit card or another stiff plastic object to pick away at the ice.
Use a lighter
If your car lock is frozen, take a lighter and heat your key. When it’s hot enough, insert the key into the lock to allow the ice to melt.
Pour water
Run back into the house and fill a container or bucket with lukewarm tap water and pour around the seal of the door. This will help to thaw the ice.
It could end up taking you a few trips before you can actually open your door, so this may not be the most efficient strategy. NOTE: Just remember to make sure the water is warm, as hot water could potentially shatter your window glass.
There are a number of sprays that will work, including rubbing alcohol, cooking lubricant, and of course, de-icer. Make sure not to combine multiple lubricants.
Blow Dryer
Admittedly, this isn’t the best method, but it can be a viable option if you have access to an extension cord and don’t mind waiting a few extra minutes to wait for the ice to melt.  
Prevent it from happening
There are number of things you can try to avoid this problem in the future. Before exiting your car at night, place a trash brag in between the door and frame. This will ensure the two don’t freeze together, making your morning commute a lot let stressful.
If you want to play it super safe, you could consider investing in a car cover. Make sure that the cover is waterproof and will fit snugly around your vehicle so it won’t blow away in the wind. Try to avoid buying a plastic tarp, as it could seriously wreck your car’s paint.
Finally, if you have access to a garage, use it! Not only is the temperature inside a garage warmer than the temperature outside, but your car will also stay drier.