Parallel Parking Tips

Parallel Parking Tips
If you live in a large city or work in one, parallel parking is a very important skill. Even though it is not essential, knowing how to properly parallel park can make finding a spot a lot more quick and efficient.  Here are some parallel parking tips.
It’s important to know that parallel parking really isn’t that difficult. Relax and realize that if you know what you’re doing, nothing should go wrong.
Since it will take a bit until you master parallel parking, remember to go slow the first few times you do it. Do it on a non-busy road so you can take your time and not cause traffic behind you to become impatient.
To properly parallel park, you should turn on your turn signal and line up with the car that will be in the space directly in front of you. Next, check your mirrors and put your car into reverse and move into the direction of the curb. The smaller the space, the sharper the angle.
As you start to move backwards, make sure to turn the wheel back into the opposite direction. This will help to level the car. If you’re not in the proper position, you should move forward and/or backward to realign.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger