Performance Suspension Technology

Performance Suspension Technology
Good performance suspension technology will help to improve the handling of your vehicle and make your driving experience safer and more enjoyable. Although you may feel the need to upgrade the entire suspension when you feel it’s time for a new one, many times you just need to replace a single part to fix your issue. Here are some tips for knowing what might be the problem with a faulty suspension.
Struts: When your vehicle leans more during turns, there is probably an issue with the struts. Faulty struts will cause you to have less grip with the road.
Shock Absorbers: If you feel like your ride is not as smooth as before, the springs could be the problem. Since they absorb energy, they are vital for having good handling of your vehicle.
Anti-Sway Bars: If your vehicle tends to sway you can probably guess what’s at fault here. They help to level out the ride and prevent you from swaying back and forth.
Springs: If your vehicle is vibrating its likely the springs need to be replaced. They help to absorb the vibration of the wheel and create a smoother ride.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger