Planning the Perfect Beach Day

Beach Day
Now that the weather has finally warmed up here in Ontario, it’s time to kick summer into full gear – and what better way to do so than planning a trip to the beach? Whether you decide to stay in the city and head over to Woodbine Beach or make the drive to the beautiful beaches at Sandbanks National Park, there is no shortage of sandy destinations to choose from in central and southern Ontario. However, there are a few things to keep in mind while planning for your day in the sun. Check out these five tips and tricks for planning the perfect day at the beach:

  • The last thing you want is to arrive at the beach in your swimsuit only to discover the water isn’t safe to go into. The website provides up-to-date water quality information for more than 7000 beaches, so you’ll know which ones meet water quality standards and which ones don’t before you depart. They even have an app you can download on your smartphone so you can get all your beach info on the go!
  • Get to the beach early. While sleeping in on a day off of school or work is always tempting, doing so will likely result in arriving to an already jam-packed beach with limited room for you to set up your towels and umbrellas. Hit the road early and you’ll be guaranteed a prime spot in the sun (or shade, if you prefer!)
  • Bring extra towels or old bedsheets for your car. You and your passengers will likely be covered in sand by the end of the day and placing covers on your seats for the ride home will save you from having to vacuum out your vehicle.
  • Pack lots of water – in the heat, it’s easy to become dehydrated without even knowing it. Freeze some water bottles overnight to that your drink stays cold throughout the whole day. If you want to go the reusable route, check out this comprehensive list of the top water bottles available on the market Keep in mind that some common signs of dehydration in an adult include increased thirst, fatigue and dizziness.
  • If you are hitting the beach with a large group, remember to label all your belongings, such as your towel, water bottle and cooler – beach gear often looks similar and it’s easy to get yours mixed up with someone else’s.

Still unsure which beach to visit? Take a look at BlogTO’s list of the top 25 beaches in and around Toronto.