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How to Plug a Tire


Although this method should only be used as a temporary fix, plugging a tire is a good way to get your vehicle up and moving again before having the problem settled by a professional.


First, you’ll need to locate where the tire is leaking. Once found, you should mark it with tape so you know where it is so you don’t forget later. If you’re having trouble locating the leak, mix dish soap and water together and rub it against the tire. The spot where the mix starts to bubble is wear your leak is.


Clean the hole by taking the tool from you kit that looks like a file and poke it in and out several times. Next, you’ll need to prepare the tire plug. Take the tire plug from the get and cover it in sealant so it’ll stick when you insert it. Once it’s in the tire you should cut off the excess plug with a knife or scissors.


Finally, you’ll need to re-inflate the tire and put it back onto your vehicle. Remember that plugging a tire is only a temporary fix and that you should have it looked at by a professional as soon as possible.


Patrick Britton