Premium vs Regular Gas

Premium vs Regular Gas
Many people make the mistake of purchasing premium gas for their vehicle because they assume that it is better for the engine. While this may be true for some vehicles, it is not true for others and purchasing the more expensive gas could be a giant waste of money, especially with today’s high gas prices.
Most of today’s engines are designed to take fuel with an octane rating of 87, a.k.a. regular gas. A higher octane grade doesn’t represent a better quality fuel, it just means the fuel is more resistant. Therefore, using premium gas for an engine designed for regular gas will not help to increase performance.
However, you should technically be using premium gas if that is what the engine is intended for. Many high-end luxury vehicles and sports cars use premium fuel. Although, you can still probably get away with using regular gas, especially when the prices are too high to purchase premium. While your performance and power may suffer slightly, you will not see a drastic difference.
It’s important to note that you should check your owner’s manual if you are planning on using regular gas for a premium gas engine. While this may be ok for some vehicles, it is not ok for others.
Patrick Britton