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Prepare for worst case scenerio


Preparing for the worst case scenario.  While we don’t want to think about it when we’re driving, there is always the risk of getting into an accident when we start the engine of our vehicle. Although almost all crashes can be avoided by paying attention and being a smart and safe driver, sometimes they can’t. Therefore, it’s important to prepare yourself for the worst case possible.


You should memorize all the locks and window switches for your vehicle. If you get into a crash, you or another passenger might have to get out as quickly as possible Therefore it is crucial that you know the fastest way to exit your vehicle.


Another thing is to always bring your cell phone with you when you’re driving, especially on long trips. You should also have roadside assistance and your local police as contacts in your phone in case of an emergency.


Finally, you should keep an emergency kit with a first aid kit, jumper cables and small shovel as well as a spare tire. These items can come in handy if you end up getting stuck at the side of the road.


Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger