Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter Driving

Preparing your vehicle for Winter Driving
Summer is now over which means you’ll need to start preparing your vehicle for the colder months. Winter driving is much different than summer driving, especially in Ontario, so it’s important you make changes to your vehicle to help you stay safe behind the wheel.
The first and most important thing you’ll eventually need to do is get yourself snow tires. Since we have such brutal winters in Ontario, getting snow tires is maybe the single most important thing you can do to stay safe when the roads are bad.
In addition, you should consider purchasing winter wiper blades for your vehicle. These will do a much better job of getting the snow and ice off of your vehicle, giving you the ability to see the road ahead much better.
Finally, it’s a good idea to wax your vehicle every so often. This will help to get rid of the road salt that builds up on the exterior, which will significantly reduce the chances of rust appearing on your vehicle. While this is not a safety precaution, it will have your vehicle looking newer much longer.