Preventing Tire Rub

Preventing Tire Rub
Tire rub occurs when there is not enough space between the wheels and the rims. Tire rub can be damaging as it means your wheel will be smashing into the wheel well whenever you hit a bump in the road. Read ahead for some tips for avoiding tire rub.
When you purchase new tires, you must remember to take in account the height and the width of the tire you’re using. If you’re planning on purchasing tires that are larger than the previous set, than there are several things to keep in mind. Without the proper clearance, your tire will rub against the wheel well and can potentially cause the tire to blow out.
To find out whether your new tires will have the proper clearance, there are some things you’ll have to inspect beforehand. There should be information about the size of the tire on the sidewall. This will tell you whether your new tire will have the proper clearance. You will also need to determine the combined height which is the distance between the top of the tire and the centre of the axle. If you know both of these things you can ensure to avoid tire rub and sidestep any dangers with your newly purchased tire set.
Patrick Britton