Preventing Whiplash in a Rear-end Collision

Preventing Whiplash in a rear-end Collision
The most common type of car crash is a rear-end collision. While many do not result in fatalities, it is not at all unusual for a victim of a rear-end crash to have whiplash. However, there are ways this can be prevented so read below for some helpful tips.
The closer you are to your head restraint, the better. Although is it extreme to have your head restraint resting against you, you shouldn’t have it farther than three inches away from you. If possible, you should tilt your restraint forward too.
It should go without saying, but wearing your seat belt can greatly reduce your chances of getting whiplash, as well as other more serious injuries. The belt will prevent you from moving around too much in a collision and hopefully stop you from snapping your head back.
Although you can’t always know when a crash is coming, if you hear someone slam on their brakes behind you, get ready for the potential of a collision. Tilt your head back and make sure you look straight ahead. Turning your head to one side can cause serious injury so it’s important to have your head leaning against the restraint and you look forward. +