How to Properly Wax Your Vehicle

How to Properly Wax Your Vehicle
While many drivers take the effort to wash their car on at least a semi-consistent basis, far fewer actually remember to wax it. Washing alone will have your vehicle’s exterior looking fairly sharp, but waxing will give it the finishing touch it needs to really look fresh and sleek.
If you don’t already wax your vehicle regularly, you probably don’t know how to properly do it. Below are some tips on how to wax your car and how frequently you should have it done.
How often?
You really need to use your own discretion when it comes to determining how often to wax your vehicle. A general rule of thumb is twier each year.  Also, if you regularly wax your vehicle, it will hold a shine much longer than someone who has never waxed their car before.
You’ll eventually establish a routine through trial and error, but for now, try performing the bead test to find out whether you need to wax it.  Pour a small amount of water on your vehicle. If it pools up, you don’t need to wax it. If it start to bead, you do.
How do you wax your car?
Before getting started, make sure to wash and then dry your vehicle well. It’s important that you try and remove as many stains and debris as possible for beginning the actual waxing.
Run your hand throughout the car’s exterior to determine its smoothness. If it feels rough or there are obvious patches that are dirty and sticky, you should re-wash the area, preferably with an auto body cleaning solution.
Use a dry clean cloth to apply the wax to your vehicle, making sure to spread it using a circular motion. “Wax-on!”  Wax dries very quickly, so it’s best to apply it in a shaded, cool area so it doesn’t get too sticky and difficult to remove. Try not to put an overbearing amount of wax on, as it will make it more difficult to buff later on. Let the wax sit for a few minutes before proceeding to buff it.  You can use a dry cloth to buff it as well, just make sure it’s a clean one… “Wax off!”
Happy shining!