Protecting Yourself Against Blind Spots

Protecting Yourself Against Blind Spots
Every driver is going to have a blind spot. However, there are ways to reduce your blind spot significantly. Read ahead to learn how to stay safe and reduce your chances of crashing into another vehicle while switching lanes.
One thing you can do is to purchase a blind spot mirror. This will allow you to see your blind spot easily and will allow you to reduce the risk of getting into an accident while switching lanes. However, it is important to note this is not a substitute for looking over your shoulder and you should still follow all safety steps you did previous to the purchase.
Another way to protect against blind spots is to adjust your side view mirrors. To properly adjust, get a friend and get him to stand behind your vehicle. You should barely be able to see him in the side view mirror. Do this on both the left and right side to ensure you can see your surroundings.
Finally, you should adjust your rear view mirror to help eliminate your blind spot. Adjust the mirror so you can see the entire windshield behind you.
Patrick Britton