Purchasing Large Tires

Why Not To Purchase Large Tires
Recently, large tires have become popular with individuals and have become increasingly more common in new vehicles. While many older cars have tires between 14 to 15 inches, newer vehicles can now be seen with 16 to 18 inch tires.

 Should I purchase large size tires? Is bigger better?

While this trend has mainly been driven by style, the unfortunate part is the vehicles have become more dangerous as a result. If the tire is shorter and wider, it will have better grip and be able to make smoother and sharper turns.
Another issue with larger tires is that you’re paying more money for an inferior product. Spending extra money when purchasing the vehicle is really a waste of money and puts you at a bigger risk when you’re on the road.
Finally, plus-size tires are a bad idea for any driver who lives in a cold climate. Smaller tires are more effective for winter driving, so sticking with plus-size is a very poor decision. Nothing should be more important than the safety or yourself and others when you get into a vehicle so remember to always choose safe options behind the wheel.