What to do if you put the Wrong Fuel in your Vehicle

What to do if you put the Wrong Fuel in your Vehicle
Accidents can happen when you’re driving, but it’s important that you do everything in your power to mitigate the damage once one occurs. If you happen to put the wrong fuel in your vehicle, it is crucial that you follow the steps below so you don’t make a bad problem worse.
Once you realize that you’ve put the wrong fuel in its important that you stop filling up your tank immediately. You must also determine how much of the tank is filled with the wrong fuel. Whatever you do, do not start your engine as this could circulate the fuel and make the problem even worse.
Contact your dealer to find out what you should do next. Many dealers agree that if there is less than 10 percent of the tank filled with the wrong fuel, it is ok to drive if you fill up the rest of it with the proper one.
If the dealer thinks there is too much of the wrong fuel in the vehicle, they will probably suggest that you get your vehicle towed to their dealership and have your tank drained. This may seem inconvenient, but it’s a lot better than ruining your engine.
Following these steps will lessen the risk of anything bad happening to your vehicle and help to prolong the life of your car.