Quick Solutions for Winter Auto Problems

Quick Solutions to Winter Auto Problems
Everyone knows that the winter can be especially cruel on your vehicle. However, many of the issues that arise during the colder months have a quick solution. Read ahead to learn some tips for making winter driving easier.
A common problem is leaving your car outside during the night and seeing that your lock is frozen when you go out the next morning. If you carry hand sanitizer on you, you can squirt this on the lock to help it thaw so you can open your vehicle.
If you constantly find your vehicle stuck when you’re trying to leave for work, try putting kitty litter behind the tires. This will give your tires a much stronger grip and will help you exit your driveway in record time.
Remember that the sun always rises in the east. Therefore, if you find your windshield is always frozen in the morning, park your vehicle east so it gets the most sunlight before you leave for your commute every day. Not only will it help to prevent the ice from building up, but it will heat up your vehicle faster during the morning rush.