Reasons for Car Fires

Reasons for Car Fires
Knowing the potential causes for a car fire can help decrease the chance of one happening with your vehicle and can help prevent you from being in serious danger. Although collisions have the ability to cause fires, mechanical and chemical causes are just as likely to be the reason.
Poor maintenance can often be the cause of a car fire. Broken parts and leaks can increase the chance of something going wrong with your vehicle. For example, if you have a leaky seal that drips a hazardous fuel, a fire can start if the fuel contacts a flame.
Hybrid vehicle owners are becoming more concerned with car fires because the battery is more susceptible to being punctured if the vehicle hits something. A punctured battery will cause a fire which is why both hybrid and electric car owners have an increased chance of having a fire start in their vehicle.
If your car tends to overheat during warmer temperatures you should definitely have it checked out. There could be a problem with the radiator or a leaky gasket or seal that is causing your vehicle’s temperature to rise. An overheating engine can cause a car fire which why it is so important to get your car checked out.
Patrick Britton