Reasons I have vehicle vibration while driving?

Reasons I have vehicle vibration while driving?
Many times our car is vibrating and we have no idea what the problem is with it. Since it’s usually just an annoyance, it’s often ignored but a vibrating vehicle can actually be quite serious. Read ahead to learn some of the reasons why your car is vibrating.
Vibrating can definitely be due to either a tire problem or an axle issue. Uneven wear, separated tread and an uneven roll are all reasons why your tires are causing your vehicle to vibrate. If you drive on uneven terrain a lot this could be the issue. If your axle is bent, it should cause your vehicle to vibrate.
If your vehicle is in serious trouble, there could be an issue with the engine. If the is jerking during acceleration or the vehicle begins to shake well after the trip has been started than your engine could be the reason for your shaking.
Finally, your steering wheel may be causing your car to shake. If your have a wobbly wheel, you may need to invest in new wheel bearing to fix the problem. Since wheel bearings are expensive and are supposed to last the lifetime of your car, make sure the steering wheel is definitely the reason for the vibrations before getting them switched.
Patrick Britton