Should you Replace or Repair Your Old Vehicle?

Should you Replace or Repair Your Old Vehicle?
If you have held on to your vehicle for a long-time, chances are that it is costing you a significant amount of money to maintain. Therefore, you must ask yourself whether you would be better off continuing to repair your old car or would it be a better deal to purchase a new one?
One thing you’ll need to consider is whether you’re spending too much in gas because your vehicle is so beat up. If the engine has to work harder because many of your vehicle’s parts are worn down, then chances are that you are paying for it at the pump.
Another question you’ll need to ask is whether it is safe enough to drive. There have been many advances in safety technology in recent years, which means your old vehicle may not be able to keep up with many of the new cars on the market.
Finally, the biggest question you should ask yourself is whether you are paying more to maintain your vehicle than a new one would cost. If you spend hundreds of dollars each month just to keep it on the road, than investing in a new car is probably a good idea.