What Kind of Rust-Proofing Should You Purchase

What Kind of Rust-Proofing Should You Purchase
While all car owners who live in a cold climate should purchase rust-proofing for their vehicle, the type you should buy depends on your needs. Read ahead to learn about the different kinds of rust-proofing and find out the best fit for you.
A new way to do rust-proofing is through an electronic module. This device sends current through your vehicle to prevent it from rusting. This is generally a more expensive procedure and it is recommended that you go through a dealer to ensure it’s done properly.
Another method is by spraying the car. One of the most common ways is by using tar-based spray. You should consider this option if you’re looking for something cheaper and your vehicle is brand-new. If you do go this route, you may have to get it re-sprayed every so often since water can sometimes leak through.
If you have an older car without rust-proofing, you should try using an oil spray. This is a relatively inexpensive method and could help stop the rusting that’s already began. It’s recommended that you put the spray on in the spring time since your vehicle will have the most amount of salt on it then.