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Safe Driving near Transport Trucks


Many of us have to commute to work every day, which may mean driving on the highway. Therefore, driving alongside transport trucks is common, but may make some of us nervous. Here are some tips for safe driving around transport trucks.


One of the most important things is to realize what the truck’s blind spots are. There is a blind spot directly behind the truck as well as one right in front of it that surrounds the lane in front as well as the one to the right. Finally, there is a blind spot to the right of the truck’s door.


It’s important to be extra cautious when driving near trucks because they cannot react as quickly to emergency situations. Therefore, you should never follow a truck too closely because you will have little time to react and you will also be in their blind spot.


You should never pass a truck on the right hand side as you will be in its blind spot. You should also note that it takes approximately 25 seconds to pass a truck on the open road so make sure to pass early. Finally, you should avoid cutting in too soon after passing.


Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger