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Safest Spots for your Children
Nothing is more important than your children’s safety which is why you should be extra careful when you’re driving with kids in the vehicle. It’s important to note that certain seats in your vehicle are safer than others so make sure that your children are always in the safest spot possible.
If your vehicle has a third row of seating, it is a good idea to look-up what its rear-crash test scores are. While a head-on collision is more dangerous, a rear collision presents a big danger because the occupants in the third row are very close to the crashing vehicle behind it. Also, third-row seats are usually safer in larger vehicles as they often offer better protection.
When possible, you should seat your children in the second row of your vehicle. This way, they will be protected by a row of seating both in front and behind them. The safest spot in the second row is the middle seat as long as it is equipped with a three-point safety belt.
Finally, it goes without saying that young children should not be in the passenger’s seat of the vehicle, no matter how short the trip. The airbags are not safe for them in it is very dangerous for them to be up there.
Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger