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Safety Checks when Buying a Vehicle


Safety should be the most important thing to you when buying a vehicle as nothing is more meaningful than the life of you and your passengers. Therefore, you should go through specific safety checks before determining which vehicle to purchase.


The first thing you should do is check relevant crash-test ratings. Both the IIHS and NHTSA post safety ratings to determine which cars are safest in the event of a crash. You should check both before choosing which car to buy. Another important rating is the Rollover Resistance Rating (RRR) which determines the stability of your vehicle.


Accident avoidance should be another major factor in car buying. Braking, emergency handling, and visibility all determine a car’s “crashworthiness.”


Some features that will make you safer behind the wheel are electronic stability control and an antilock system. Electronic stability control helps to prevent sliding or skidding, which is extra important during Canadian winters. An antilock brake system makes sure your wheels don’t lock up when you brake quickly.


Finally, you should find out if the vehicle you’re considering purchasing has a “smart” airbag system. This structure uses sensors to figure out crash severity, whether the driver/passenger is wearing  a seatbelt and the weight of the occupant(s).


Patrick Britton – Guest Blogger